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e-Learning for Kids

E-Learning for Kids is a global, non-profit foundation dedicated to fun and free learning on the Internet (or via download links should Internet not be available or too slow/not reliable) for children ages 5 – 12.

Our volunteer staff of committed education and e-Learning experts and business professionals from around the world are dedicated to making a difference in children’s lives everywhere and have worked collaboratively to create best-in-class online courseware.

Our hope is that by providing a place where children and parents and teachers can enjoy interactive and engaging free learning, that we can create a brighter future for all.

What We Do

Our vision is to be the source for childhood learning on the Internet available from anywhere and without charge.  Thus, we foster the development of the skills required to succeed in the 21st century through technology-based learning – which both familiarizes children with technology, while also leverages this platform to provide all children everywhere with access to free, high quality educational experiences and learning.

We offer 800+ eLessons and hope to continue to develop more. This includes the entire primary International Baccaleaurte Kindergarten to Grade 6 curriculums of Mathworld  and Scienceworld, respectively consisting of 336 and 213 eLessons. Other curriculums include Environmental Skills, Computer Skills, Health, Language Arts and Life Skills

All courses are available in English (with a small number also available in Spanish, French, Portuguese and Indian English).  We have currently started a project to translate Mathworld into Spanish.


Our Impact

We have reached over 20 million children from the start of our foundation in 2004! Details include:

  • 55 million lessons have been taken online and offline
  • 31,000 schools have used our lessons offline
  • 100+ countries have used our lessons
  • Trend/Online: Over 50% of the online usage is in the USA. Other countries with high online usage include India, United Kingdom and Canada.
  • Trend/Offline: The countries with the highest requests for offline usage of the lessons are Africa, the United States and India. The Philippines and Pakistan follow.
  • In 2018 alone, 8, 285 new schools/organizations and 990,426 new children were reached via the offline access/download version of our lessons.

And our goal is to reach 100 million children by 2025!



“e-Learning for Kids is a great way to bring both skills and opportunity to youth across the world, where both are so very much needed. Thanks for all that you do.”

 “Thanks to the collaboration with e-Learning for Kids, Close the Gap is able to extent its quality services to project partners in developing countries. The impact this courseware has on educational programs is immense, since it allows children to counter the poor quality of education and consequently bring about a true change in their lives.”

The EFK courseware is a great asset for our Educational Resource Centre(s) at To Be Worldwide.  It is valuable content and just as important, the children have fun learning. We are very excited with some of the new courseware topics such as HIV/AIDS and Malaria.”

We installed the e-Learning for Kids courseware on the computers our foundation has in six schools in the North East of Thailand. E-Learning for Kids allows the children to study at their own speed. Especially for English lessons, e-Learning for Kids has proven to be a very valuable tool. Local teachers often have a very basic level and a bad pronunciation. Via EFK,  our children have the opportunity to “interact” with native English speaking persons.”

“Our students enjoy very much working with interactive programs. Thus, combining learning with fun, colors and a different setting other than regular classroom learning, e-Learning for Kids is a good choice to enhance different skills —  both language-wise for foreign students as ourselves, as well as in regular subject matter areas.”

“The schools are benefitting a lot from the content and I hope you keep up the good work.”

“E-Learning for Kids is an incredible and cost-effective force for addressing learning and literacy around the world. They ARE making a difference!”

 “Kids soak up learning like a sponge. E-Learning for Kids has allowed me to expose technology and learning to my kids, at my time and my pace. Now I understand the power of technology as it applies to learning. Thanks to e-Learning for Kids, my children will be well prepared for the digital age.”


How Can You Help?

There are many ways you can help. Here are a few areas where your support and investment of time, energy and/or financial contribution would be of great benefit:


  • Make a direct, deductible, secure donation on our website
  • Learn and donate: Buy a copy of one or more of the Learning/Business books written by the founder and President of e-Learning for Kids (Nick van Dam) – all proceeds are donated to the EFK foundation. More information.
  • Collaborate with us on fundraising efforts.

Corporations and Organizations

  • Include e-Learning for Kids as one of your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
  • Fund the development of a new course or curriculum or the translation of one or more existing courses
  • Launch an “employee match” program, making a gift to e-Learning for Kids when employees in your organization complete their own online courses

Parents and Teachers

  • Champion e-Learning for Kids in your school, community, university, and/or at home
  • Make e-Learning for Kids the home page or your school, classroom, or library, or home computer
  • Use our courses to help children with their homework, to learn something new, to review, or just for fun

NGO’s, Foundations and Associations

  • Partner with us to reach more children
  • Donate a portion of your membership fees to e-Learning for Kids
  • Help us reach your members and audience with publicity

Media and Conferences / Events

  • Provide free advertising space in your publication, event materials, and/or on your site
  • Assist us with outreach to your subscribers and audience and showcasing e-Learning for Kids from the stage via one of your keynotes
  • Support us by providing a booth or table-top location at your next event


Contact Details

Website: http://www.e-learningforkids.org

General Information: info@e-learningforkids.org

Media Contact: Vicki Cerda, Director of Communications & Outreach, e-Learning for Kids, vcerda@e-learningforkids.org

E-learning for Kids is both a US 501C (3) non-profit organization as well as certified CBF non-profit foundation in The Netherlands. Also, for the Dutch tax authorities, e-Learning for Kids has the ANBI status.

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